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Crime Stoppers TVC

Building awareness on issues related to current events.

Building on public momentum and communicating a ‘hot’ issue often requires quick turn-arounds to remain topical. This can leave an agency with short production times while creatively trying to thread a needle between being heavy handed or too flippant - ending in a result that feels insensitive and the importance of the message being underserved.

Don’t overthink it. The challenge of a small budget and tight deadline is sometimes best solved by keeping it simple. Set a straight tone and stick to the facts. Trying to influence the viewer with effects, witty delivery or sensationalism only invites the audience to disengage or get distracted from the main message. Our whole approach in this ad was to stay away from distractions. Stay on topic, get to the proposition. Do the job - on time, on budget and on message.

Client: CrimeStoppers
Services: Concept, Copy, Video Production, Media Planning and Placement.
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