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The Florida Law Group

How do you introduce yet another legal service in a crowded space and still make impact?

The age-old advertising adage of 'zigging while they zag' still holds true. The majority of legal firms use their faces to promote their business, this approach is self-serving and ignores the concerns of the client.

We didn't want to create another 'me too' billboard. This solution exhibits a certain blunt honesty and deliberate lack of pretense in saying what the client is thinking when they engage a law firm. This message while designed to be humorous - speaks directly to the thoughts of the client. The decision to use the gauche expression "Ching-Ching" humanizes the law firm and makes them seem real and approachable.

Client: The Florida Law Group
Services: Services: Concept, Copy, Design, Media Planning and Placement.
Year: 2022
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