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BathMasters TVC

How many different contractors do you need to make a renovation project successful? The answer is just one!

Renovations normally employ a host of different characters and different firms - all working on separate parts of a renovation and hopefully all understanding the needs of the others as they complete their specific part. As we all know - this approach is seldom smooth sailing. Often not the best experience for consumers.

Having one contractor do everything is a huge benefit and results in a better consistency of finish and a much faster process. This is the biggest competitive advantage BathMasters can offer and the campaign was built around the single-minded idea… that BathMasters can do it all.

The actors deliberate use of playful humor gave the repetitive copy ideas some context. The characters were larger-than-life and that supplied the leverage to overplay the benefits in a larger-than-life manner.

Client: BathMasters
Services: Concept, Copy, Design, Video Production, Media Planning and Placement
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