Biospine Less Than Explorer TVC

Back pain not only limits what you can do but it also limits who you are.

This concept sought to highlight issues that hinder the decision to get an operation - specifically those concerns that BioSpine can easily address through their unique surgical approach. We flipped the central idea that back pain reduces you to something much less than yourself and demonstrated how BioSpine can do more with less … eg. less recovery time, less time in surgery…etc.

For the campaign to be successful we needed to build out ideas that reflected situations that were commonplace and relatable. To show back pain as an everyday problem affecting everyday life, getting in the way of doing the things you love, the things that make you - you.

The Florida Law Group

How do you introduce yet another legal service in a crowded space and still make impact?

The age-old advertising adage of 'zigging while they zag' still holds true. The majority of legal firms use their faces to promote their business, this approach is self-serving and ignores the concerns of the client.

We didn't want to create another 'me too' billboard. This solution exhibits a certain blunt honesty and deliberate lack of pretense in saying what the client is thinking when they engage a law firm. This message while designed to be humorous - speaks directly to the thoughts of the client. The decision to use the gauche expression "Ching-Ching" humanizes the law firm and makes them seem real and approachable.

BathMasters TVC

How many different contractors do you need to make a renovation project successful? The answer is just one!

Renovations normally employ a host of different characters and different firms - all working on separate parts of a renovation and hopefully all understanding the needs of the others as they complete their specific part. As we all know - this approach is seldom smooth sailing. Often not the best experience for consumers.

Having one contractor do everything is a huge benefit and results in a better consistency of finish and a much faster process. This is the biggest competitive advantage BathMasters can offer and the campaign was built around the single-minded idea… that BathMasters can do it all.

The actors deliberate use of playful humor gave the repetitive copy ideas some context. The characters were larger-than-life and that supplied the leverage to overplay the benefits in a larger-than-life manner.

Crime Stoppers TVC

Building awareness on issues related to current events.

Building on public momentum and communicating a ‘hot’ issue often requires quick turn-arounds to remain topical. This can leave an agency with short production times while creatively trying to thread a needle between being heavy handed or too flippant - ending in a result that feels insensitive and the importance of the message being underserved.

Don’t overthink it. The challenge of a small budget and tight deadline is sometimes best solved by keeping it simple. Set a straight tone and stick to the facts. Trying to influence the viewer with effects, witty delivery or sensationalism only invites the audience to disengage or get distracted from the main message. Our whole approach in this ad was to stay away from distractions. Stay on topic, get to the proposition. Do the job - on time, on budget and on message.

Boss Law Television Spot

To help Boss Law rise above the clutter while maximizing budget, we created this spectacular ad using our in-house studio and animation team. The entire ad was filmed over green screen before computer graphics and sound design were integrated to produce a truly memorable piece.

Dennis Hernandez Television Spot

This ad is the perfect example of everything we can offer. We created the concept, wrote the script, storyboarded the action, produced and filmed this ad for Dennis Hernandez and Associates. Our unique approach helped this client stand apart from the numerous personal injury attorneys in the Tampa Bay area.

Tell Your Contractor Billboard

This 2018 billboard was created to help build the brand of Innovation Cabinetry, a locally based cabinet manufacturer. We focused on blending the high quality of their cabinets while including information on how to obtain the product, all in only six words.

I Have My Life Back Billboard

This piece was created to reinforce and spread the BioSpine brand throughout the Tampa Bay community. Partnering with Outfront Media and BioSpine we were able to create a bold design with eye-catching billboard extensions.

Leader's is Locally Made Television Spot

We’re always looking for ways to maximize our clients’ time and resources. After our in-house film team spent two days at Leader’s Casual Furniture headquarters documenting the customization and finishing process, we then used the footage both for this television piece and a marketing piece for use at trade shows.

Happy Holidays Television Spot

This animated ad featuring a snow globe helped Bob’s Carpet and Flooring celebrate the holiday season. The addition of stylized sound design helped bring the 3-D work to life.